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2017 Detroit Auto Show – A Snoozer

A quiet year for a quiet show.

GM Heritage Center, 2016

An evening with America's best and brightest... cars.

Hyundai’s Genesis Luxury Division: What’s the point?

Can Hyundai sell luxury?

NAIAS 2016 – Reactions to the Detroit Auto Show

Photos of and reactions to the 2016 Detroit Auto Show

RIP Mr K – A loss for all motoring enthusiasts.

I don't usually have feelings, but this afternoon my face is dripping.

Hyundai and Kia Need a Sports Car

A business case for a Hyundai/Kia sports car.

New Chrysler Ad: “We are Motown”

Chrysler plays the nostalgia card again. This time it works.

What’s it like to own a car in Brazil?

Imagine high taxes, high gas prices, and overpriced shitboxes.

Motorsports? Not A Fan

Forgive me for not getting it.

How To Save Lincoln

My turn to play armchair quarterback.