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I Love My Blackberry Priv

The past blends into the present.

Restoration Project: 2005 Ford Mustang EV

Reviving a sporty electric car after years of neglect.

Prius Owners: Technologically Challenged?

One disc at a time. Seems obvious.

Stuck in the 80s: I still use CDs.

Optical media is out.

Bare Facts: What’s new for iPad 3

A quick and dirty list of what’s new for Apple’s third-generation tablet.

What were they thinking? 1990 Pontiac Bonneville SSE

You like buttons? We've got buttons!

How In-Dash Navigation Worked In 1992 – Olds Was First

Oldsmobile was the first to develop modern, fully-integrated GPS navigation.

BMWs and Exploding Batteries

Is it German engineering gone wrong, or user error?

Steve Jobs Is Dead

He was a planner, a conceiver, and a dreamer.

Bargain Ear Buds for Travelers – Sony MDR-E828LP, $15

For $15, I figured I’d be throwing them away after getting back from Chicago. Instead, I’ve taken them across the globe.