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Farewell to the old Camry

I rented a 2016 Camry, a fitting end for an aging, outgoing platform.

Briefly: 2015 Lexus CT200H

The Prius puts on a suit.

2012 Toyota Prius – 700 Miles of Misery

To Chicago and back in a four-wheeled insect.

2012 Japanese Classic Car Show, Long Beach California

California - Where classics live forever.

Review: 1978 Toyota Pickup (Hilux)

I felt like a kid again.

Prius Owners: Technologically Challenged?

One disc at a time. Seems obvious.

Review: 2011 Toyota Corolla, St Patrick’s Day in St Louis

There’s only so much to say about a mundane rental car.

What Ryan Gosling Drives

Two cars, and neither is particularly good.

Buy Here, Pay Here! 1996 Geo Prizm Review… for Poor People

Unemployed? Living at home? I found your new ride.

2012 Camry – Full Pictures, No Camouflage

http://blogs.insideline.com/straightline/2011/07/revealed-2012-toyota-camry-hybrid-caught-undisguised.html The roofline looks clean and formal. It seems to take after the stylish new Kia Optima. The Kia still looks better.