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Farewell to the old Camry

I rented a 2016 Camry, a fitting end for an aging, outgoing platform.

Review: 2015 Nissan Sentra SV

A quiet entry in a crowded segment.

Review: 1978 Toyota Pickup (Hilux)

I felt like a kid again.

Drunk Cop Hits Woman, Flees Scene, Sues City

A story so absurd it could have come from The Onion.

PART 17: 2011 Western American Road Trip, Eating, drinking, farewell dinner

Preparing to leave Spokane.

PART 16: 2011 Western American Road Trip, Bar hopping downtown

A sendoff for a friend.

PART 15: 2011 Western American Road Trip, Drinking, eating

Killing time.

PART 14: 2011 Western American Road Trip, Arrival in Spokane WA, drinking, karaoke

I became the adoptive parent of a creepy talking bear.

Malls Are Dying

Other than gangbangers, powerwalkers, and teenagers, who hangs out at malls anymore?

PART 13: 2011 American Road Trip – Spokane WA to Dillon MT

Snow forced us to take a southern detour. I got pulled over in Dillon, Montana.