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Shakeup at Automobile Magazine

90% of the staff at Automobile Magazine have been let go.

Music from Car Commercials: “Release Me”

Can indie rock sell cars?

Low Blow From Nissan

In its latest round of ads, Nissan is calling out its Japanese competitors for having earthquake-related supply issues.

New Porsche Ads: “Everyday” cars?

Once a legendary brand like Porsche achieves the pinnacle of reverence, recognition, and respect, there’s nowhere left to go but sideways, if not down.

Audi Rips Off Chrysler/Eminem Ad, Settles Out of Court

Audi's total lack of subtlety is shocking.

Review: “The Car Show” with Adam Carolla, First Episode

Not bad! [And far from great.]

“The Car Show” with Adam Carolla Debuts TONIGHT (July 13, 10pm)

Disappointed with Top Gear USA? There’s hope.

Book Review: The Wal-Mart Effect

The widespread effect of Wal-Mart Supercenters on road trips and the global economy.

Bob Lutz’s Eight Laws of Business (Book Review of “Guts”)

Robert A. Lutz, the outspoken cigar-smoking fighter pilot who helped turn Chrysler around before it merged with Daimler-Benz in 1998, sat down and wrote a book on business before his brief retirement.

Disappearance of the Paperboy

Do you still receive a newspaper? If you do, and you’re up early enough to witness the delivery, you will find its no longer delivered by a child on a bicycle.