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New Chrysler Ad: “We are Motown”

Chrysler plays the nostalgia card again. This time it works.

Music from Car Commercials: “Release Me”

Can indie rock sell cars?

New Fiat Ads: A Colossal Failure

Am I being harsh? Watch it yourself.

Audi Rips Off Chrysler/Eminem Ad, Settles Out of Court

Audi's total lack of subtlety is shocking.

Introducing the Chinese-only Cadillac “T-Series”

They call it the "T-series." China's SLS receives a turbocharged engine this year while America's STS is scheduled to retire.

One outstanding car commercial

No disclaimers. No fine print. Just danger and awesomeness.

GMC uses song about sadness to sell pickups

Collective Soul's 1995 hit "World I Know" was used in GMC's latest ad for the Sierra.

Ford – Don’t call it a comeback!

Motofinity put together an unofficial ad for Ford in response to Chrysler and GM's "we're back" and "we're sorry" advertisements.

See The USA In A Chevrolet – Using Patriotism to Sell Cars

GM calls on the cast of Glee to sell Volts and Cruzes, recalling Campbell-Ewald's 1952 ad campaign. Despite market share below 20%, GM insists that "Chevy runs deep."