Chrysler K-Car Club President Faces Legal Trouble

Guy V. Coulombe is obsessed with Chrysler K Cars. He posts fake ads on Craigslist, demands payments from strangers for his club, and verbally abuses anyone who refuses to share his reverence for the Dodge Aries, Plymouth Reliant, and Chrysler Lebaron. He also has a knack for going on racist, anti-gay rants, as demonstrated by his comments on

He’s now raising money for his criminal defense, charged by the Huntington Beach PD with harassment:

I don’t know the details of the case but I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of jail time and heavy fines.

On a somewhat unrelated note, Creeper Coulombe made it into the electronic version of Wired Magazine:

4 Responses to Chrysler K-Car Club President Faces Legal Trouble

  1. corntrollio says:

    Translation: I stalked someone, and they called the cops. Please give me money.

  2. James says:

    I was under the impression that donating to his GoFundMe (“Guy Coulombe is going to jail!”) would lead to him actually going to jail. I was disappointed to learn the opposite. This guy needs psychiatric help. What kind of loony bin reject gets banned from Allpar?


    I am going to eventually sue you assholes for lying about me and defamation of character.

  4. P.M.D’Agostino says:


    What happened, your “pro-bono” atty cut you off?

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