Review: “The Car Show” with Adam Carolla, First Episode

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Not bad! [And far from great.]

The dialogue was a bit dry but by the end of the episode, the foursome developed some chemistry and character distinction.

Dan Neil is the snob with brains.
Matt Farah is the gearhead critic.
Adam Carolla brings comic relief and mechanical know-how.
John Salley, a Corolla owner who thinks leather seats should be banned, represents the average American motorist.

Part 1:
Matt Farah’s commentary on the Porsche 911 GT3 was summed up by a single, moronic declaration: “It feels like driving a RACE CAR!”

Come on, really? What else did we think it was going to feel like? A Buick Lesabre?

Part 2:
The foursome participated in the 24 hours of Lemons with a 1994 Nissan 300ZX 2+2, fizzling out early when the car caught fire. They demonstrated a grasp of physical comedy but the scene was ruined by bland, lifeless background music that apparently came from a collection of royalty-free, computer-generated hard rock. It may as well have been porno music.

Part 3:
They quizzed Dan Neil and two audience members using a game show format. The trivia questions were interesting but the segment was a bust.

The interview with Nascar driver Jimmy Johnson was unexpectedly well-paced and engaging.

Part 4:
Dan Neil has grown on me — his pompous attitude reminds me of Automobile Magazine writer Jamie Kitman, known for his quality writing and obnoxious liberal views. I cringe when Kitman opines, but I admire his writing. Likewise, Dan comes across as smug, but he presents well on television.

Adam Carolla’s inappropriate comments work well with Dan Neil’s suit-and-tie professionalism, as demonstrated by the drive along Pebble Beach with Neil piloting a Rolls Royce Ghost and Carolla in the back eating fast food. The dialogue needed some work, but the sentiment of comedy was there.

The segment at the end about meter maids was too short to be interesting and too long to be funny.

I see more potential for growth and improvement on this show than I do for Top Gear USA. The hosts (well, perhaps just Neil and Carolla) are confident about their roles and the perspectives they represent, and both of them are walking tomes of automotive knowledge. The background music, however, is unfortunate, and the cinematography needs refinement.

I will continue watching.

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  1. darren says:

    Good write up, I wish I had cable to catch this when it’s on but I’m sure I’ll get to seeing it. You don’t like top gear usa? After a few episodes I started seeing the hosts personalities and it got better throughout the season, I’m looking forward to season 2.

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