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Convertibles: Magically Terrible

Unsafe, slow, and heavy. But who cares?

New Jersey: Hundreds of Brand New Saabs Rotting Away at Port

A photographer came across more than 900 Saabs rotting away at a port in New Jersey.

Review: 2011 Chevrolet Express – “We’re out of trucks. Is a van okay?”

I’ll take it!

Music from Car Commercials: “Release Me”

Can indie rock sell cars?

Some Light Upholstery

An amateur attempt at updating the interior.

“Keep Calm” – World War II Poster Found in UK Bookstore

A piece of WWII propaganda remains relevant today.

Yahoo: Ten Most Advanced Cars of Their Decade

Yahoo and Jalopnik published a list of ten most advanced cars of their decades.

Five Modern, Quirky Cars That Aren’t Saabs

“Quirky” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.”

Farewell to Saab

I’ve been waiting to write this obituary out of perhaps naive hope that Saab may have a future.

The Problem With Refinement

Are modern automobiles too perfect, too refined? Maybe boring?