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Cars and Music: Rebecca Black Loves “Friday”

Remember folks, its Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday. Don't screw it up or you'll end up waiting for the school bus on a Sunday morning when you could have slept in.

Book Review: “Taken For A Ride – How Daimler-Benz Drove Off With Chrysler”

This book was heartbreaking. In a few short years, Chrysler went from being an example of what Detroit could do with a can-do attitude to a child chained to a bedpost and left to starve by Daimler.

See The USA In A Chevrolet – Using Patriotism to Sell Cars

GM calls on the cast of Glee to sell Volts and Cruzes, recalling Campbell-Ewald's 1952 ad campaign. Despite market share below 20%, GM insists that "Chevy runs deep."