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2012 Japanese Classic Car Show, Long Beach California

California - Where classics live forever.

Are you an honest seller?

It's too easy to screw someone on a car deal.

Cost Comparison, Two-Week Trip: Drive or Fly?

My not-so-inner accountant wants to see how the numbers play out.

Buy Here, Pay Here! 1996 Geo Prizm Review… for Poor People

Unemployed? Living at home? I found your new ride.

The Cost of Nostalgia

Is the same car as enjoyable to own the second time around?

Do you still read car magazines?

The death of editor and publisher David E Davis Jr corresponds sadly with the decline of automotive print media.

Lost In Translation: Silly Car Names

The Japanese are a cheerful bunch, aren’t they? Through a series of misinterpretations and a strong Engrish accent, they came up with model names like “Mitsubishi Lettuce.”