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Japanese Classic: 1990 Infiniti Q45 For Sale

"Underrated" is a three-letter word: Q45.

RIP Mr K – A loss for all motoring enthusiasts.

I don't usually have feelings, but this afternoon my face is dripping.

Japanese Cadillac ATS, Crude Navigation

Instead of adapting CUE navigation to Japan, Cadillac chose glue and screws.

Weekly Wrap-Up – 26 March 2011

Detroit shrinks, the UAW struggles for relevance, Japan tries to recover, Akerson runs his mouth, and Saab bleeds.

Nissan Scanning Vehicles for Radioactive Material

Don't panic. Its a precaution.

Japan Quake Hits Infiniti Exports

Export vehicles have been damaged, manufacturing suspended.

Impact of Japan’s Quake on Transportation, Auto Manufacturers

Toyota, Volvo Trucks, Honda, Nissan, and Subaru plants in the north have shut down. Mazda, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi were spared though suppliers could be affected. A death was reported at a Honda R&D facility.

Lost In Translation: Silly Car Names

The Japanese are a cheerful bunch, aren’t they? Through a series of misinterpretations and a strong Engrish accent, they came up with model names like “Mitsubishi Lettuce.”

The Japanese Are “VIPing” American Cars

Some Japanese car enthusiasts are into something called VIP, which usually involves taking a perfectly decent luxury car and ruining it with massive wheels, zero ground clearance, and gobs of negative camber. They got their little hands on the Seville!