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2017 Detroit Auto Show – A Snoozer

A quiet year for a quiet show.

NAIAS 2016 – Reactions to the Detroit Auto Show

Photos of and reactions to the 2016 Detroit Auto Show

My First Woodward Dream Cruise, 2015

Put it on your bucket list.

Survival: Driving in Detroit

The motor city -- a harsh place for cars.

Who are auto workers and enthusiasts voting for?

Following the money to Romney and Obama

Weekly Wrap-Up – 26 March 2011

Detroit shrinks, the UAW struggles for relevance, Japan tries to recover, Akerson runs his mouth, and Saab bleeds.

Everyone’s Leaving Detroit

According to the US Census, the city of Detroit lost a quarter of its population over the last decade. Of the 237,000 residents who moved away, mostly to nearby suburbs, 185,000 were black and 41,000 were white.

Oops! Chrysler Tweets the F-word

No, not "Fiat"


I'm not entirely sure what kind of person packs their bags for spring break and heads to Detroit. Most people align their sense of adventure with beaches, sunshine, and scenery. I, however, felt compelled to see America's fastest-shrinking city. While