The Japanese Are “VIPing” American Cars

Keith Curry found this link.

Some Japanese car enthusiasts are into something called VIP, which usually involves taking a perfectly decent luxury car and ruining it with massive wheels, zero ground clearance, and gobs of negative camber.

I have to admit, this Seville isn’t terrible.

“I was pretty surprised seeing this picture because it isn’t from the US but it came from Japan. It looks like such a good platform and I’m sure the prices are dropping seeing as it was made until 2004. I think this car was shot for the Japanese VIP CAR magazine. So what do you think about the fact the Japanese tuners are broadening their horizons and looking for other platforms outside the JDM market?” -Jeroen Willemsen

Well, it looks dumb in the picture above. I guess it could be worse.

Some examples of VIP, mostly gone wrong:

Here’s an ad for the Seville from Japan:

Fast Tube by Casper

7 Responses to The Japanese Are “VIPing” American Cars

  1. Matt says:

    The Japanese like cars that require maintenance. They like being able to say “Oh, this American car of mine, it’s always dripping antifreeze!” So they of course love the Northstar. 😉

  2. jesda says:

    There was a great article years ago in Automobile Magazine about driving a Corvette in Japan. It was damn near impossible to park and the cost of fuel was insane but it was awesome… like Godzilla marching down the street.

  3. Matt says:

    Didn’t Jeremy Clarkson have that problem with the Ford Gt in London? As I recall he made the news because he blocked traffic going on to a bridge because he got to the entrance and found it was too narrow for the car. 😉

  4. darren says:

    that seville is nice :drool:

  5. Pym Reehal says:

    Clarkson can’t drive. I regularly take the same route in my 69 coupe de volleyball and manage that gap every time only to see idiots in big German crap slowing down to get through

  6. Pym Reehal says:

    Coupe de ville lol autocomplete

  7. Pym Reehal says:

    Dogs. I was married to a dog for over 30years. When she left I realised it was a fish. A cold fish with a fish pussy. Thank god I still got my Cadillac. To think I sold a 69 GTO for that kunt. Regrets. Yeah what the hell did I see in that gargoyle

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