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What’s it like to own a car in Brazil?

Imagine high taxes, high gas prices, and overpriced shitboxes.

The Idiocy of Dealer Fees

Dealer fees are nothing new, but it’s something we ought to object to.

Are you an honest seller?

It's too easy to screw someone on a car deal.

December 2011 and Full-Year Auto Sales Data

Here it is, US auto sales data for December 2011 as well as the entire year.

October 2011 Auto Sales Figures and Data

For once, it's good to be Chrysler.

September 2011 Auto Sales Figures and Data

Another big month for Nissan as Honda and Toyota struggle with supply issues.

Auto Sales Data and Market Share, March 2011

Its good news for almost everyone but Toyota.

Truck sales data from 2010

The Titan is overdue for an overhaul. Ford is making money hand over fist.

MYTH: GM Ruined Saab

I guess its Saab week on the blog. Contrary to popular opinion, especially among fellow Saab enthusiasts, General Motors did not destroy Saab.