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How In-Dash Navigation Worked In 1992 – Olds Was First

Oldsmobile was the first to develop modern, fully-integrated GPS navigation.

Reviewed and Compared: 2007 Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator

Perched on the throne of this massive three-ton urban tank, there’s a bit of guilty pleasure from dominating and brutalizing the earth below.

PART 5: 2011 American Road Trip – Computer History Museum, Silicon Valley, Apple HQ

Headed to Palo Alto to see the Computer History Museum and Apple in Cupertino.

MYTH: GM Ruined Saab

I guess its Saab week on the blog. Contrary to popular opinion, especially among fellow Saab enthusiasts, General Motors did not destroy Saab.

See The USA In A Chevrolet – Using Patriotism to Sell Cars

GM calls on the cast of Glee to sell Volts and Cruzes, recalling Campbell-Ewald's 1952 ad campaign. Despite market share below 20%, GM insists that "Chevy runs deep."

Highway Memorabilia for Auction

An auction in Post Falls, Idaho features hundreds of pieces of memorabilia including gas pumps, scooters, gas signs, oil signs, tires, oil drums, road signs, and more. Could be a great way to decorate a garage or man cave.

Betty White: National Treasure, Cadillac Enthusiast

The Gen-Y crowd pulled their collective head out of Dane Cook’s ass and rediscovered this gem of a comic actress, petitioning her on Facebook to host Saturday Night Live, a performance that earned her an Emmy. And she happens to