What were they thinking? 1990 Pontiac Bonneville SSE

Rocker switches for every single seat position.

Why would you ever need fader controls on the steering wheel?

This was Pontiac’s idea of the future. Thankfully, it stayed in the past.

7 Responses to What were they thinking? 1990 Pontiac Bonneville SSE

  1. darren says:

    i kind of want one.

  2. Jeff says:

    Never been inside of one, but always thought they looked pretty decent. Those buttons on the steering wheel though…

  3. James says:

    Holy shit that fade button is freaking HUGE!!!
    Did they have a surplus of giant buttons that they just needed to blow through?

  4. Brandon says:

    I love the buttons. It’s unique, for sure.

  5. Chris.m says:

    Better question;

    Whats that green display in the dash in the 3rd pic?

    Pretty cool,

  6. rusty says:

    This was my high school car. 1989 sse bonniethang. I rode this car so hard. Twin infinity Kappa 12’s in the back. With a Kenwood thousand watt amp. Loudest car in Memphis TN in 1997-2001. Yea rode it hard and pit it up wet and ruined. Kids. The buttons are really cool for stereo guys and there was a equalizer so this was the cats meow when it came out. The compass was just for looks but crazy sophisticated for.back then. Keep this car the 3.8 ain’t bad either.

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