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Driven: 1967 Datsun 411 SSS Wagon

Driving a fully restored Japanese classic.

“Keep Calm” – World War II Poster Found in UK Bookstore

A piece of WWII propaganda remains relevant today.

Yahoo: Ten Most Advanced Cars of Their Decade

Yahoo and Jalopnik published a list of ten most advanced cars of their decades.

DATSUN is back!

Nissan intends to use Datsun for entry-level cars sold in emerging markets.

2012 Chicago Auto Show Part 11: Greek Dinner, Portillo’s, Ikea, Conclusion

I bought a cow from some Swedes.

2012 Chicago Auto Show Part 10: Lamborghini, Classics, Retail Booths, Army, Scion, Volkswagen

The Scion IQ seats four. Four what?

2012 Chicago Auto Show Part 9: Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, Kia

Nissan neuters the Pathfinder. Subaru shows us the beauty of rear-wheel drive.

2012 Chicago Auto Show Part 8: Ford, Honda, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat


2012 Chicago Auto Show Part 7: Jaguar, Hyundai, Maserati, Aston-Martin, McLaren

Jaguar builds my dream cars.

2012 Chicago Auto Show Part 6: Acura, Lexus, Land Rover

The Range Rover Evoque brings people to their knees... and hands?