Yahoo: Ten Most Advanced Cars of Their Decade

Yahoo and Jalopnik published their list of ten most advanced cars of their decades.


Here’s the original link with photos and additional information:

Here’s the list, to get around the annoying slideshow format:
1911-1920: Cadillac Type 53 — Standardized vehicle controls, V8, electric starter
1921-1930: Lancia Lambda — Unibody, independent suspension
1931-1940: Cord 810/812 — Supercharger, advanced styling, FWD, hideaway headlights
1941-1950: Tucker Sedan — Advanced safety, curve-illuminating center headlight
1951-1960: Citroën DS — Hydro-pneumatic suspension and accessories
1961-1970: NSU Ro80 — Wankel rotary, 4-wheel discs, FWD
1971-1980: Saab 99 Turbo — Anti-malaise turbo power
1981-1990: Porsche 959 — AWD, composite body
1991-2000: McLaren F1 — Carbon fiber chassis
2001-today: Honda FCX Clarity — Fuel cell propulsion

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