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Traveled Five Hours for One Sandwich

Frustrated with local choices for Italian beef, I boarded Amtrak at 4 AM and headed 300 miles north to Chicago.

Disappearance of the Paperboy

Do you still receive a newspaper? If you do, and you’re up early enough to witness the delivery, you will find its no longer delivered by a child on a bicycle.

Chevy Vegas packed nose-down in railroad cars for shipping

The Chevy Vega started a lasting trend at General Motors: Great ideas with poor execution. It did, at least, contribute one interesting piece of railroad history.

Amtrak CEO Ditches Broken Train, Takes Car

Amtrak's Wilmington, DE train station was renamed in honor of Vice President Joe Biden. Amtrak's CEO ditched his broken down train and took a car to catch the ribbon cutting ceremony.

First Time On Amtrak, Crossing the Country

I booked a trip from St Louis to Chicago to Spokane, Washington. I met some shady characters who bought me an omelette.

The promise of high speed rail vs Reality

Despite my enthusiasm for trains, reality cannot be ignored: high speed rails are too expensive to connect this vast country.

Crossing the state with an $80 bicycle.

At 40 miles across, I wasn’t exactly “crossing the state” since Missouri is 240 miles wide. Still, for me, with a cheap Wal-Mart bike in the middle of a humid midwest summer, it felt like crossing an entire continent.