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Drug Dealers, Garages, and Pablo Escobar’s Car Collection

Drug dealers have nice cars. Unfortunately for them, they die too soon to enjoy it.

Detroit Newspaper Censors Chrysler 200 Review

An advertiser complained, prompting The Detroit News to make changes to Scott Burgess' review of the Chrysler 200.

Good news for a change: Closed Chrysler dealer back in business

After 2009's autopocalypse, several GM and Chrysler dealerships have struggled to stay in business after having their franchise licenses revoked. Some, like Reuther Chrysler in Creve Coeur MO, have relied on income from service and RV and used car sales.

Saab dealers now selling Spyker

According to Saab Central, a few Saab dealers are now operating as combined Saab-Spyker franchises. When you’re tired of replacing ignition cassettes on your 900, you can trade it in for a $230,000 Spyker C8 Spyder. That should leave you