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Hyundai and Kia Need a Sports Car

A business case for a Hyundai/Kia sports car.

Bike Theft Caught On Helmet Camera

An armed robbery was captured by a Go Pro camera.

Shakeup at Automobile Magazine

90% of the staff at Automobile Magazine have been let go.

Answers to the “What should I buy?” Question, 2014 Edition

Enough people have asked me this question to necessitate a list.

2014 Nissan Z sports car becomes three-row crossover

The Nissan Z sports car becomes a trendy three-row CUV for 2014.

Japanese Cadillac ATS, Crude Navigation

Instead of adapting CUE navigation to Japan, Cadillac chose glue and screws.

New Chrysler Ad: “We are Motown”

Chrysler plays the nostalgia card again. This time it works.

Who are auto workers and enthusiasts voting for?

Following the money to Romney and Obama

What’s it like to own a car in Brazil?

Imagine high taxes, high gas prices, and overpriced shitboxes.

Motorsports? Not A Fan

Forgive me for not getting it.