Something Awful From Texas

I follow a wide variety of car clubs on Facebook. People post questions, photos, stories, and arrange meets. As loosely moderated clumps of assorted people, Facebook conversations can quickly go from “hey nice wheels” to “BUSH LIED. VACCINATIONS CAUSE AUTISM!” within three replies.

Some posts, however, demand controversy.


Originating in Houston, a new trend in custom wheels involves spokes, called pokes or “texas wire wheels”, that jut out more than a foot, similar to James Bond’s wheel-mounted cutting saws.


A company called Texan Wire Wheels is a purveyor of these… pokers… with single 17” wheels starting at $1395. Add $800 a piece to dip them in gold, and of course you’ll want gold and white stripped Vogue tires, $200-$250 each depending where you look. A full set will set you back just under ten grand, a fine upgrade for a 1990 Brougham worth all of $2500.

In addition to four standard wheels, it’s customary to mount a continental-style spare on the rear bumper as well as an additional one on the trunk lid for a total of six obnoxious pokers. Wheel balancing must be a nightmare.


At least, unlike the west coast “stance” trend, pokers are primarily safe with standard-size wheels and tires that keep handling and braking in tact. Visually, however, they’re garish and likely pose a challenge in parking situations.

Fast Tube by Casper

Vanity knows no bounds.

3 Responses to Something Awful From Texas

  1. Andrew Sommers says:

    Damn white people.

  2. Pooh 40 says:

    If you have never road on a set of 84’s, AKA, swangas, pokes, elbows, glass, then your missing out. Its a different level of respect. Its a Hogg thing. what i mean is to stunt or show off and not care about anyone or anything within reason… like red lights really don’t exist. We will ride down the left turning lane in traffic, block oncoming traffic so the rest of the slab line can make a right turn… so hard to explain. its all in good fun… to this day no one has died from slab riding. All good fun. loud music, pop trunk, 4’s, It;s a Texas thing. side not when you type Texas…capitalize the T… ATX 53

  3. unknown says:

    Im from texas and yes ita true those wheels are embarrasing.. When i saw those wheels i thought of my thats stupudity was born…. Really those are messed up wheels…

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