A CTS Coupe for Morons


Harsh words, but that’s the most accurate way to describe someone who pays an $8000 premium for such a hideous appearance package.

The issue isn’t so much the application of the fake roof and white wall tires as it is the vehicle these accessories have been applied to. The CTS Coupe is as far-removed from Cadillac tradition as a car could possibly be. Nothing about the informal, dramatically sweeping shape of the car or its target audience invites the adornment of gaudy traditional pieces.

I’d argue that the long, full-size 1996 Fleetwood Brougham was the last car produced by Cadillac where such accessories were appropriate. A spoiler or BBS sport wheels on a Fleetwood would look equally out of place.

The perpetrator of this crime against decency is Rick Hendrick Colonial Cadillac, Norfolk VA. Fortunately, the car is new enough that the paint under the simulated convertible top is still in fully recoverable condition.

2 Responses to A CTS Coupe for Morons

  1. C Harris says:

    I disagree with you… that car is absolutely beautiful!! But hey we are in America and each has a right to their own personal opinion.

  2. Joe Picciolo says:

    I never understood why white wall tires are no longer in style or a classy addition to the overall look. Taking the white away was most likely a stunt pulled by the tire companies to reduce cost and increase margins. Early 50’s, 60, 70 cars all looked better with white walls. This Caddy looks much better with the white walls and canvas top than the plain look of all black. Let me know if this car is back on the market, I would be interested.

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