PART 18: 2011 Western American Road Trip, Heading home through Montana, Newton visits the vet


Newton enjoys his food bowl and Teddy Ruxpin is belted into the back seat.

Newton pricked his paw on something in dad’s backyard, and he licked it until it was infected. At a Motel 6 west of Butte I gave him a bath and covered his paw.

He managed to get the towel off so I tied it shut.

The next day I found a veterinarian who had time to take us in the same day. I highly recommend them:
Animal Medical Clinic wpid-transparent-2012-01-19-03-101.png
3302 Monroe Avenue, Butte, MT 59701-3826
(406) 494-3630 ‎

An accident on I-90.

Someone drove through the guardrail and went off the cliff.

Lots of snow but roads were clear.


Clean facility. I think I heard a goat back there. Veterinarians in Montana take care of everything from rodents to show horses.

LOL, that’s what you get, dog.

Antibiotics and anti-itch powder. $130 for the whole visit. Not bad at all!

Lunch at Wendy’s across the street.

More of beautiful Montana.

Livingston MT


We stopped at the Livingston Inn. We didn’t stay the night but I was here a few years ago and wanted a couple souvenirs.
The rooms are sparkling clean, affordable, and recently renovated.

These postcards are awesome. They had a real bear come in for a photo shoot in 2007.

Montana might have the friendliest people in the country.

The vanity plate on this Seville says “COMFY”

Me and Teddy at a truck stop in Montana.

Using cheese to give Newton his meds.



“I hate this”


Checked into a Motel 6 in Wyoming.

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