Thailand 2011 — Part 6 – Patong Beach, Kickboxing

wpid-DSC02201-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgStopped at the beach to cool off

wpid-DSC02207-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgLOL, fat sizes available

wpid-DSC02209-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgGot back to the hotel and made some green beans.

wpid-DSC02210-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgOrdered pad krapow and a chicken sandwich

wpid-DSC02212-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgI popped in my Top Gear DVD and watched the Lancia challenge


16 June 2011

wpid-DSC02213-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgWent back to Jungceylon mall. My brother bought some underwear. Took another ride up the diagonal escalator/ramp. Notice the wheels on the cart — instead of the whole wheel turning, there are a pair of thin wheels mounted to one wheel.

wpid-DSC02214-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02215-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02216-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgWe went to the street for food and found an AMAZING kebab stand owned by a middle eastern fellow

wpid-DSC02219-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgGot back to the hotel and snapped a picture of this Peugeot RCZ, $98,000 in Thailand, probably after a massive VAT tax

wpid-DSC02221-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgLamb kebab. SO F*CKING GOOD.

wpid-DSC02222-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgEnjoying a gin and tonic

Went online and found a local kickboxing stadium. It was $60 for front row seats just inches from the ring with free round trip transportation.

wpid-DSC02223-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgWaited in the lobby to be picked up. These huge doors are always left open.

wpid-DSC02224-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThe van was full of Australians

wpid-DSC02227-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgGot a picture of the van’s plate so I’d know which one to take back to the hotel

wpid-DSC02229-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgIt was a Thursday so the place wasn’t completely full, but the crowd was good.

wpid-DSC02233-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThis metal tray is where the fighters sit on a plastic chair to get coached and refreshed between rounds

wpid-DSC02237-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThere were eight fights starting with the youngsters and going up to the heavy professionals

wpid-DSC02238-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThe night began with everyone standing for the national anthem, then the 77-pounders got in the ring

wpid-DSC02242-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgFood and drinks were cheap. We loaded up on $3 whiskeys

wpid-DSC02241-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02254-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgI sat close enough to the ring to perch my feet on it. I could feel every move.

The white tourists bought the more expensive seats while the bleachers were filled with locals and Indians. The Indians really got into it
wpid-DSC02246-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02268-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThis guy in blue got pummeled HARD. He was on the ground for quite some time

wpid-DSC02262-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02269-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThe women were boring.

wpid-DSC02270-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgBefore each round, you could pay to go into the ring and put a lay on each of the muay thai fighters

wpid-DSC02272-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgI was getting hit with spit, sweat, and water from where I was sitting. The smack from every punch and kick was easily heard.
wpid-DSC02284-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02290-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02291-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02295-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02296-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThis French guy Sebastian was very, very good, and ended the night.

wpid-DSC02304-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgI got a t-shirt that doesn’t fit me. Will make a nice gift for someone skinnier.

wpid-DSC02305-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02306-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgGot back to the hotel and walked to my favorite kebab stand


17 June 2011

wpid-DSC02309-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02310-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgBreakfast the next morning. SO MUCH BACON. I ate most of it before I could take the picture.

wpid-DSC02312-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02313-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgLeaving Patong

wpid-DSC02316-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThe AC in the van was leaking. We had to stop at a shop to have them refill the refrigerant

wpid-DSC02317-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThey also sold mods and upgrades light neon lights and ugly body kits. You know your parts are legit when theyre branded “JAP”

wpid-DSC02321-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgLots of Toyota Commuters in for service and upgrades


wpid-DSC02324-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02325-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02326-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThat doesn’t look safe.

wpid-DSC02327-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgSome of the bridges were drove on had wood surfaces, not reassuring.

wpid-DSC02328-2011-08-6-13-03.jpglol, collagen. A fruit drink with a weird name.

wpid-DSC02329-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02333-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02334-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02336-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgNot wanting to get sick, I decided to skip the roadside food and go to 7-11 for pork buns

wpid-DSC02339-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThese pies looked safe

wpid-DSC02341-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgOrange yogurt drink

After 11 awful hours in that miserable van, we finally got back to Kabin Buri. It was impossible to read or sleep because the ride quality was crap and the roads were terribly bumpy.

18 June 2011

wpid-DSC02342-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgI apparently had an aunt I had never met — my uncle recently remarried. The next morning we went to the golf course and she arrived in her brand new Isuzu pickup.

wpid-DSC02343-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02344-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02345-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThe stitching was terrible, but it rode well and looked nice.

wpid-DSC02346-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02347-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgArrived at the Kabin Buri Sport Club

My uncle apparently talked me up big time to the waitresses. One of them asked if she could have my hat — I told her I needed it to cover my balding head.

wpid-DSC02350-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgHeaded back in the truck after a day of eating, relaxing, and using the internet.

wpid-DSC02354-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgFrom back here, you can smell the third world right up your nostrils. The burning, the sewage, the animals, the diesel, all of it.

wpid-DSC02353-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgAn abandoned rickshaw?
wpid-DSC02358-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgwpid-DSC02363-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThe Falcon bedliner had a built-in cupholder for tailgating

wpid-DSC02361-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgThis miserable looking old truck full of people sounded like a tractor and belched smoke

wpid-DSC02362-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgHmm, a bridge without guard rails

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