Weekly Wrap-Up – 2 April 2011

The week ending Saturday, 2 April 2011.

wpid-arrowup-2011-04-2-04-021.gif Alan MulallyThe domestic auto industry’s most effective leader earned a well-deserved 26.5 million in 2010. For turning around an American industrial icon, it is well deserved.

wpid-arrowup-2011-04-2-04-022.gif FordOutselling GM for the first time since 1998.

wpid-arrowup-2011-04-2-04-023.gif Big Three – US sales for Chrysler, Ford, and GM rise 31%, 16%, and 10% respectively for the month of March 2011 compared to 2010.

wpid-arrowup-2011-04-2-04-024.gif ToyotaA jury in New York found in favor of Toyota in an unintended acceleration case.

wpid-arrowdown-2011-04-2-04-021.gif BBC, TeslaTesla sues Top Gear. Both parties are full of shit. At least Top Gear has a sense of humor.

wpid-arrowdown-2011-04-2-04-022.gif ToyotaToyota is the only automaker to post a decline for March 2011 compared to March 2010, with a drop of 10%.

wpid-arrowdown-2011-04-2-04-023.gif Lexus – Sales drop 1.5%. The passionless pursuit of beige finally hits a wall.

wpid-arrowdown-2011-04-2-04-024.gif Saab – Saab loses its CEO as well as 300 million dollars in 2010. wpid-arrowup-2011-04-2-04-025.gif Sales are up five-fold in March 2011.

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