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Not That You Care: Buick Lucerne Discontinued

Buick's knockoff Cadillac quietly disappears.

Nicola Bulgari buys the very last Cadillac DTS

Its the end of an era for Cadillac. The DTS, a front-wheel drive full size luxury sedan that traces its roots back to the 1990s, is still one of Cadillac's top sellers. The final DTS goes to Italian designer and

Will a Costco or Sam’s Club membership save you money on gas?

Is it worth the cost of joining a discount warehouse just to save on fuel?

Buying a car near the end of its production run? Quality may be an issue.

Supposedly, as cars reach the end of their production cycle, leftover parts that may be of lower quality are used to put them together.

Review: 2008 Cadillac DTS Platinum

This is the end of the line for American comfort cruisers. The Lincoln Town Car and Cadillac DTS will cease production later this year. Here's a review of the DTS Platinum.