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PART 19: 2011 American Road Trip – Conclusions, Gettysburg PA to St Louis

Taking the Lincoln Highway (US-30) home from Gettysburg. Stopped at a cheese shop in Indiana.

PART 18: 2011 American Road Trip – Gettysburg PA, National Cemetery

Be sure to read Part 1 for a trip overview. Travel Dates: 5/15/11 Continued from Part 17. Becky told me about Gettysburg which was only 45 minutes away. I told Christine I wanted to go, so we went. I was

PART 17: 2011 American Road Trip – Carlisle PA

Discovered something mysteriously called "Purple Drink"

PART 16: 2011 American Road Trip – Carlisle PA

Carlisle Performance and Style Event

PART 15: 2011 American Road Trip – St Louis, Yeungling Brewery, Carlisle PA

NICOClub was going to be present at Carlisle Performance and Style, a large automotive event with drifting, autocross, and other activities. Andy from the NICO forum, an Australian, flew to America to spend time with us, so attendance was mandatory.