Thailand 2011 — Part 4 – Shopping in Bangkok

We stopped at an outdoor market to buy some food. My brother and I found a strong and consistent wifi signal and I made some free international calls home (thanks to Google Voice, PBXes, and Sipdroid — see the article I wrote). I sent my bank an email letting them know I was traveling and that my card needed to stay activated. Since we seem to go to this outdoor market regularly, I’ll be bringing my laptop next time.


My grandfather sat down at the table to eat with us. He handed me a bowl of sliced fruit, which I ate. My aunt walked by after we ate it, took a whiff, and said it was rotten. Oops. He grinned.

[Well played, trolldad.]


wpid-DSC01817-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgA narrow bottle of Coca Cola. This country is slowly embracing plastic, which is good in some ways, shitty in others. Coke seems to taste purer and cleaner from a glass bottle.

wpid-DSC01818-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgFinishing up Bob Lutz’s book “Guts”. I have the Kindle version.


7 June 2011

wpid-DSC01819-2011-08-6-13-03.jpgMom decided to make macaroni and cheese, which was quite good. The problem is, after not consuming dairy for so long, my digestive system responded poorly to it.

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